Mission Statement:

The mission of the Biz Savvy Artist™ project is to provide independent and emerging artists with tools, resources, training and support to create and build profitable businesses.

Who We Are:

The entertainment industry is ever-changing and more competitive than ever. That's why entrepreneurial know-how, innovative thinking and creativity are essential for success. All of us behind the Biz Savvy Artist™ Project have excelled in these areas and are ready to navigate others to that same success.

Artists at the core, Biz Savvy Artist™ leaders have forged the path, mastering the synergy of business and the creative arts.

Our Goals:

Our goals are to prepare Biz Savvy Artist™ participants to start their own business in the entertainment industry, or grow an existing one leading to:

  • industry and economic growth
  • job creation
  • growth of a professional and experienced creative workforce
  • enhanced quality of life for local residents, and
  • tourism opportunities for entertainment and arts enthusiasts

We'll accomplish this by:

  • Coaching emerging artists through the development of their business plan
  • Providing training, resources and ongoing support to promote successful execution of their business plan

Our All-Star Team

Kimberly Fennell


Kimberly LOVES the arts! Growing up, she always had a passion for all things artistic. She took dance lessons, sang in the choir at church and wrote stories and poems. She never missed an opportunity to attend a concert, play or festival. In college she studied radio production and received a B.A. in Mass Media Arts. Now, she’s an administrative professional who works behind the scenes “supporting the success” some of the entertainment industry's biggest people and events, which she’s done for almost 15 years.

Aldra Miller

Production Coordinator

Aldra Miller is Founder of GAM Face Media, an Atlanta-based multi-media company specializing in photography, videography, marketing and promotions for events, celebrities and businesses. He is also founder of Youth Entertainers Movement which introduces young people to the many career paths which exist in the entertainment industry via panel discussions, workshops and mentoring. A songwriter, entertainer and filmmaker himself, Aldra brings more than 10 years of event production experience to the Biz Savvy Artist project.

Cherrie Garden

Content Coordinator

While growing up in the beautiful island of Jamaica, Cherrie Garden aspired to be a doctor for all of her teenage years, but secretly she’d always had a hidden desire to be the next host on BET’s 106 & Park. Being accepted into Emory University brought her to Atlanta, Georgia where she studied Biology and English as majors, Spanish minor on a Pre-Med track. While at Emory, Cherrie G. decided to pursue her dreams of modeling, hosting and acting more fervently and make them a reality. Cherrie G. has been on a roll since then. She has participated in and emceed a variety of local and national fashion shows and events, and was even selected to be a semi-finalist in the official Miss Jamaica World PageantTM. Cherrie Garden currently hosts Caribbean Focus TV on Comcast/Xfinity channel 24 out of Atlanta, a television show that highlights the activity of the Caribbean community in Atlanta as well as promoting news and music from the Caribbean.

Our Advisory Team

Allen Johnston

is aptly called THE MUSIC SPECIALIST. Allen consults new and existing entertainment businesses, increasing their revenue streams while making them technically astute. He has over four decades of progressive experience in all aspects of music product development, licensing, sales, promotion and distribution for national and international markets. As Industry Consultant, he provides business operations back office services for many music industry clients. Independent labels and publishers rely upon his expertise in the areas of publishing administration, licensing, royalty recovery, business affairs, label operation, business administration and the digital marketplace.

Rosella Sprow

is the Founder of and an Educational Consultant for College & Career Services (CCS). She is committed to providing higher education and career path counseling for high school and college level students. She holds a M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction with a focus on Adult Education. Rosella is well seasoned in both professionalism and service with nearly two decades of combined experience in the K-12, Higher Ed and Non-Profit industries.

Alexis Levi

is the first African American woman to hold the titles of Owner and General Manager of a men’s professional basketball team, the Las Vegas Stars. She is the owner of the Alexis Levi Sports and Entertainment Group which has 10 athletes on their Roster for management and branding. Her book, Alexis Levi from the Board Room to the Locker Room, published in February 2013. She is scheduled to host a business talk show which will be taped in Los Angeles and air in 5 Markets: San Francisco, Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas and Chicago and has many TV projects in pre-production for 2015/2016 under Alexis Levi Productions. She is the director of the National High School Basketball Association in Las Vegas and her non-profit efforts include being the Director of Sports for Life which educates coaches and athletes on the risks of heart attacks.

Daniel MacLagan

is aptly referred to as THE WEB GURU. Daniel has consulted with businesses and organizations of all sizes for almost 20 years. He has been providing business advice in areas of marketing, branding, social media and all aspects of the web. He holds a Masters in Internet Marketing. Daniel enjoys sharing his knowledge and watching businesses and organizations grow.

Honoring the Life and Legacy of Biz Savvy Artist Advisor Dee Dee Cocheta Williams

Entrepreneur ♦ Entertainment Pro ♦ Marketing & PR Veteran.

In November 2003, Dee Dee changed my life forever. I sent an email announcing my new business and within (what seemed like) minutes Dee Dee responded. Not only did she become my first client, she also became my big sister, my mentor, my cheerleader and my company's #1 supporter. The Biz Savvy Artist project was no different; Dee Dee was ready and willing to support the project from the moment I shared my vision.
I am proud to honor beloved Queen Dee Dee, a dear friend, respected mentor, beautiful spirit, courageous fighter and a loving and nurturing wife, mother and grandmother.

"This is excellent! And you know we will help you promote it when it's time! I know you can do this...
I LOVE YOU! AND I am honored to accept as advisor and hope to be in ATLANTA for this great event!"
-Dee Cocheta - Williams